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Frequently asked questions ...

Q:  Do I have to be naked during the ritual ?

A:   Due to the very essence of the Tantric Lingam Massage, it is normal and more beneficial for you to be un-draped for the entirety of the ritual.  The experience celebrates the whole being that you are, and encourages you to completely relax and open your body ready to receive both touch and pleasure.

 However, on this day, ‘your’ comfort and well-being is paramount. If the room is not sufficiently warm and you would like a small drape to cover your upper body or legs then this would be perfectly understandable and acceptable.

Q:  Are you naked during the ritual ?

A:    No, there is no reason for me to be naked during the ritual.  

Q:  Do you have a treatment room I can come to ?

A:   Yes. Ritual’s can be hosted either here with me in Staplehurst, Kent (TN12) or, if you prefer, in the privacy of your own home. If you are visiting the area, then I am happy to visit you in your Hotel room..

Q:  Which room is best for the ritual ?

A:    As long as it is warm then whichever you would feel most comfortable in. For example would you prefer relaxing on a massage table in the lounge or would you feel more comfortable using your own bed ?  All I would say is that a Tantric Lingam massage will leave you completely overwhelmed and the nicest thing in the world is for you to just lay there for at least half an hour after the ritual ends to allow the whole experience to completely soak in.

Q:  What do I need to do to prepare for a ritual ?

A:    Nothing dramatic at all. Just do whatever you would normally do as if you were preparing for some ‘me’ time.  Due to the nature of the Tantric Lingam massage, cleanliness is of  the utmost importance so the only ‘must’ thing would be to bathe or shower just prior to my arrival.

Q:  Do I have to shave or wax my pubic area for the Lingam massage ?

A:   Although preferable it is by no means obligatory.  This decision is entirely yours.

Q:  How long does the full ritual take ?

A:   The beauty of the Tantric Lingam ritual is that when your physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears along with them. For maximum enjoyment and fulfilment and to totally immerse yourself in this incredibly sensual experience it is recommended to allow a minimum of at least two hours.

Q:  Do you offer 'extras' ?

A:   Whilst the Tantric LingamMassage is a very intimate and extremely sensual experience, which may well result in you achieving orgasm,  I do not offer any form of sexual service.  The whole ethos of the ritual is for you to receive the power of sensual touch and pleasure without the pressure of you having to provide any kind of sexual favour in return. Any form of intercourse would simply destroy and detract from this unique experience for you.

Q:  My wife would die if she found out - Are you discrete ?

A:   100%.  All contact is initiated by you and I would never ever contact you unless you specifically requested me to.  The phone is answered with simply ‘Hello’ and I never give out any information about my clients to anyone - ever.  If you are viewing this web page from a shared computer simply delete today’s history to remove any trace of Afternoon Delight.