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Feedback Received...

 A genuine selection of paragraphs and snippets taken from emails & texts received

“ I had the most amazing time at the hands of Steve's delightful tantric massage. This is something as a woman I have been curious of and recently starting to research, and read books on. I was amazed to find this discreet service so local to me and not have to travel up to London. I longed for some intimacy (without any strings) that has been missing in my life for a while and this burning urge inside me to experience Tantic. I feel I have been suppressing my desires and sexual energy and feel so glad I took the plunge and visited Steve. His massage and technique is very unique and special, he makes you feel safe, he is warm and caring and completely focused on YOU. This is such a special treat as, as women, we are usually the ones doing the giving and pleasing. To be totally pampered for 2+hrs and experience and the most deepest O's with the softest, sensual touch that Steve gives is just fabulous. If you think you wont orgasm...think can't not, your body will squeal with pleasure.  I loved every second and he doesnt take his hands off you the whole time. I highly recommend anyone experience the wonderful Tantric Massage with Steve. This service is special and unique i am so glad i found him and this will be my secret treat from now on. “

“This is just to say thank you for a very beautiful experience this afternoon. The memory will stay with me for a long time, and my body feels quite different now - relaxed and happy and loved. Thank you especially for all the stroking 'afterwards', and for going so gently and slowly and truly massaging my body from head to toe. You have a real gift for this, and a wonderful masculine but safe presence. It was just what I needed. Thanks again.”

“Thank you. **** loved her massage. She has a wonderful glow about her person, a content smile and her legs look amazing. Thank you again”

“Just wanted to text and thank you again for the amazing massage yesterday. Still a little embarrased that I cried at the end, thank you for helping me through that."

“I ummed and arred  for weeks before  plucking up the courage  to book an appointment. OMG what  a wasted few weeks, I so wish I had booked  earlier.”

“ An amazing two hours, thank you so much”

“ total and  pure  pleasure from start to finish.  So doing it again.”

thank you again for the beautiful massage which has left very happy memories”

just being seen and known intimately by a caring man is something important, and I am happy to have discovered that there is a safe and uncomplicated way to live my sexuality from time to time, and to deal with that longing to be seen and touched in a safe and non-guilt-provoking way”

A big THANK YOU for today, I really enjoyed the experience, can't believe I was so nervous to begin with.(laughing at my self now). The best bit, well,apart from the yoni massage, was the back massage, would have been quite happy to stay there forever. Hope to see you again in the near future”

Feeling Like a goddess today, have'nt felt like this in years, can't thank you enough :-)”

“Well what can i Intense. Amazing. thank u. see you again soon.”